• When are proposals due?
  • What if I know nothing about AMR, can I still participate?

Yes! In fact, most of our participants would not have previous experience in AMR. We will have resources available for you to learn about AMR. These are available here: https://innovate4amr.wordpress.com/additional-resources/ 

  • How can I find a team?

The Innovate4AMR team does not take responsibility for matching students to teams, but at your discretion you are welcome to seek out students at your school, nearby schools, schools around the world, or students connected to our Innovate4AMR Facebook page and accompanying Facebook group.

  • Can I choose my team members?

Yes, choosing team members is up to you! Teams should be between 2 and 5 people.

  • Can I be on more than one team?

Yes, but we urge you to be cautious with how you distribute your time across more than one team.

  • How many proposals can a team submit?

A team can only submit one proposal.

  • Are polytechnic students permitted?

Yes, polytechnic students at the university level are permitted!

  • Are non-students or healthcare professionals permitted to participate?

While we recognize that many healthcare professionals are deeply involved in antimicrobial stewardship throughout the healthcare delivery system, the Innovate4AMR competition is primarily aimed at engaging students, ideally working across disciplinary boundaries, as part of the next generation of future leaders in antimicrobial stewardship. As such, we ask that teams be exclusively made of students. However, you are welcome to encourage any students you know to participate in the competition, and to mentor them if you have time!

  • How do I sign-up?

Through this link here: https://forms.gle/JHKose2Psy73N4JQA

  • Can I save my response to the sign-up form before submitting?

No. Please only submit the form when you have all data fields ready to be entered.

  • What are the components of the sign-up form?

The sign-up form requires you enter your name, email, name of institution, affiliation with institution (student, faculty, staff, admin, etc.), country of residence, level of educational pursuit, and a consent to privacy notice.

  • When do I need to submit information about my other team members?

You should submit information about your other team members in the proposal solution submission form, when you are done writing your proposal and ready to submit everything! (see below!)

  • Does my proposal have to include all components of the Prezi diagram/educational resources or the questions within?

No, your proposal can be about specific stakeholders or areas in the diagram/educational resources, but we encourage you to focus on one or more of the stakeholders in the red box of the diagram. You can also choose to use the guiding questions to provide you a basis for your solution, but you are not obliged to only follow the questions.

  • How do I submit project proposals?

Please submit your proposal HERE.

  • Can I save my response to the project proposal form before submitting?

No. Please only submit the form when you have all data fields ready to be entered.

  • What are the components of the project proposal form?

The proposal form requires you enter your team name, faculty mentor (optional), email (for all team members), country of residence (for all team members), current level of educational pursuit (for all team members), location of university (of all team members), title of project proposal, proposal file, proposal video (optional), terms & conditions consent, eligibility requirement consent, and proposal reproduction consent.

  • How large can teams be?

Teams should be between 2 and 5 people.

  • What is the competition timeline?

You can see the timeline here: Timeline

  • How many people should be on my team?

Teams should be between 2 and 5 people.

  • What are the expectations of finalists?

Finalists are expected to send up to 2 members of their team to the capacity-building workshop during World Antibiotic Awareness Week from November 18 to 24, 2019

  • Any other questions?

Please contact us at Innovate4AMR@gmail.com or post it on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Innovate4AMR/