Innovate4AMR is an online competition looking for innovative and creative solutions that will help address the issues of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) from a systems change perspective. We are looking for competitors to focus on tackling antimicrobial stewardship in low-resource healthcare settings, with the specific objectives of increasing access and reducing inequity (that is to say, not encouraging overuse or underuse). The solutions should be context-specific and carefully catered to the existing AMR landscape of a given geographic area. Solutions should take into consideration the strategic set of actors to move the issue. The proposed solutions should be financially sustainable with the potential for real-world adoption, scale-up, and strong likelihood of achieving a lasting impact. Student teams are encouraged to involve multiple disciplines, including but not limited to medicine, public health, engineering, food consumption, supply chain, business management and finance.

This Year’s Challenge:

Antimicrobial stewardship in resource-limited healthcare settings, with the objective of ensuring access and increasing equity

How can I participate?

  1. Sign-up for Innovate4AMR updates here.
  2. Finalize your team.
  3. Learn about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and our challenge and work on a context-specific solution with your team.
  4. Submit your team’s project proposal.
  5. Judges will review the proposals and choose the winners.

Why participate?

Finalist teams will attend a capacity building workshop. Each team will be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to $5,000 to enable up to two members per team to attend (additional team members may attend at their own expense). This would cover expenses such as the booking of flights, registration fees, lodging, and some group meals. At this conference, teams will have the opportunity to meet with health experts and make connections with groups who could help operationalize their proposed solution. There is also potential to have follow-on, technical support of teams through pairing with regional offices and/or civil society organizations if the team proposals align well with these organization’s current work plans.



Phase Date Details
Online sign-up, team formation, and ideation Starting early April 2019 To sign-up for Innovate4AMR, fill out the form HERE.  

PDF Version of the Sign-Up Form – Please note this version is for your reference, and only submissions to the above form will be accepted.

Proposals Due September 16th Please submit your proposal HERE.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

PDF Version of the Submission Form – Please note this version is for your reference, and only submissions to the above form will be accepted.

Winning teams announced Early October Winning teams will be announced via email.



Innovate4AMR is organized by

ReAct | IFMSA | The IDEA (Innovation + Design Enabling Access) Initiative

at the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

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